Strategy behind your skills

Skills are changing everything. If you look at your career not as a set of experiences but as a way to build skills of some kind what is happening? When you are focusing just on what you can do, what is your literary workplace – your core rosposiblity, focus where you are adding value of some kind it is easier.

To understand completely you need to dissociate form humans, you need to look from worldview. You need to have completely perspective.

There are no ultimate loopholes, that you can exploit. More of exploration of way without the ned you are using, more you are risking. Just like followers on twitter. Look for people who a lot of followers. They are contributing value at some level. More align you are with what is true, what is sustainable, more successful you are.

I?m thinking here about Bill Gates. As you know, few years ago he donated huge portion his wealth to charity cause. This caused that he doffed on list most wealth people in world, and few years later he is back again. He is somehow outside of it. In 2000 he was pressed by government that he will resign from directing company. Right now he is ding something apposite of what we could predict making money. He is trying to make a world better place. We are talking about solving problems like poverty, teaching crisis, ebola, viruses. It seems crazy but actually he is working on cause and he have big skills to take care about it.

The problem with skills is not how many you have or how big they are, but how much they allow you to align your needs of actual world. Money will come. If you will work hard, work dedicated, work long, you will see results. It is question of time. Many things will change. Technology will change, currency will change , government will change, but what will stay is how you are unwinding, how you are creating your habits, how you are influencing others, how inspire others. And skills not only means how to do something but as well handling difficult situations, problems. All of these are inputs. Later you just need to define what you will do.

Behind every skill there is set of strategies. Strategies are compiled with steps and frameworks. Waking up early can expose your strategies. When you wake up early you don?t have freedom to do unnecessary things. It Is early in the morning, almost everybody else is still asleep. But even you can feel uncomfortable, sit back and relax. You are about to learn very important information. The structure is always there. You can?t see it sometime. It is covered with beliefs and rationalisations. But it is there.

Strategy doesn?t change. Just like 2+2=4, is mathematical version of our world. It is prediction that if you do something it will give you certain result.

You can just change strategy, do something else, something what will have different structure. You can do it by first being aware that you want to change it and then applying theory – information from seminar, book, friend or blog. If your new strategy will be suitable to you you will make it over and over again.

Tools are most simple version of strategies. If you have some need, you use tool and job done. You want to drive a nail. You take a nail, hammer, hit a nail and job done. Every driving a nail will be the same. Unless you use power hammer.

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