Making space in life – or how to quit smoking

What you think about personal growth, is the ability to make freedom choices. Just like we are choosing groceries, ability to choose a way ahead of us in of the most freedom things. Derek Sivers wrote one of my favourite essays of all time – hell yeah or no. It means every decision in your life should be or hell yeah or no. Simple as that.

Every decision is taking some space. Every choice will have some trail in our past. We like to think that more choice is better. But is it true? Is really something what is accessible to us. Make us more valuable. Decision making is always connected to relating to value. How much value something posses to us.

We like to think that limits are bad, but is it true? We think that future selfs will be somehow disconnected from the past. But what if, growing means integrating bigger and bigger chunks of our past. See what means books written by people who survived the holocaust. Their books many times are one of the most important like Victor Frankl. Everybody in modern circle knows who is Victor Franks, where he is coming from. Growing means learning about the past. Every challenge or conflict was some kind challenge about our nature. It may seem contradictory, but think that who survived WWII become example how to deal with pain or sometimes challenge that is bigger than life. For me, always when I was in some kind of uncomfortable situation, I?ve been always stopping and changing assumptions, maybe something is different, maybe it is just my thinking.

Making space is just like challenging our thinking. When we are checking the facts. For the first time in many decades, we have this ability to just like saying Donald Trump to check the facts. We can explore other people perspectives.

Over year ago, I have quit smoking, even I don?t like to say that way. For me, it was just nothing connected to willpower, more to choosing situation I?m in. One of the biggest lessons is that, if I want to abuse myself it is easy, I don?t need to do it with smoking. If you stop you heart Is opening, you are opening to new spectrum, sometimes will be better, sometimes worst. You don?t need to control. By smoking, you are choosing this state. Most of the smokers will argue that is an addiction and you cannot choose, it s habit. But you are always choosing habits, there is always an edge, you can break it. If you would end up at the hospital, faced with hard disease, would you break the habit? If you are traveling by airplane, are you can?t refrain from smoking? Every habit has some kind of edge.

Every relationship, every object you have, every contact, every task is filling the space. Being empty isn?t bad. Sometimes is the only way to experience something. With modern technology, we have better and better ways to create maze around as. To defend ourselves from everything. From everybody. Just like scientists are agreeing about one mutual thing to every human – we resist change. If we are faced with it, we don?t want to do it. But give us some space where we can mould to it, and we adapt almost naturally. It is one of most amazing things about human species.

How much free time you have in your life? And I don?t mean how much time you spent on social media. Instead, how much time you can make on the incubating idea? Times of very fast growth needs a lot of it. If you want 10x something more than you have now, you need to change how you are spending time 10x. At least in beginning. Your capabilities , current thinking will get you with very long time, you need to change everything in order to get there in shorter time.

For example, when I have started this blog for the first month I needed almost 10hrs per post (installing WordPress, organising storage, organising notes, writing post, speaking with my editor etc.) Right now It is much more optimized, I don?t need to set up software on my server. It is already done.

To facilitate a time of exponential growth, you need to say no to the thing which will be unnecessary in future. If you want to make 10x much more money than you are doing right now, make a baseline and focus on how to make 10x more. Say no to easier ways. Stay focus, expect results.

8 years ago when first iPhone was sold, not many people realised how big this trend it will be. This who got the ability to change their schedule, to realise that and make space for change, they catch the wind in their sail.

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