How to get rich by accepting others?

Our natural way is to go forward. It is easiest to explain on the smallest part of nature cells. When any given cell stops to grow, stops to reproduce, then it dies. Our purpose is to grow, to create a sustainable planet for us, for the whole population.

Our past, our purpose is not possible to define it. It depends on which stage of life you are at. If you are young you purpose is to explore, to experience, then you make some kind of learning, your thinking is expanding, you have better models and then you are introducing, your thinking to the world, trying to make a better place.

Diversity is about choice. It shows to make a meaningful living. Everybody who got some experience with finance and investment knows that it is very important to diversify their investment. You cannot risk putting all your assets into one basket.

But many of us are doing this with relationships, work or thinking. How many times did you think that. The positive side of diversity is creating capabilities on many dimension. You are literally integrating many needs and possibilities to future. You are creating flow instead containing it!

If you have a diversified portfolio, even if few of investments will loose just by rule you will gain on few others. You are keeping the things flowing. In the very simple model of the market – if people wold is just buying stocks and not selling anything, prices could just stay the same or rise. Of course, it is a very simple to model and doesn?t have any connection to reality but, some part is true. If we will still believe and market and somehow we will keep investing in it, the economy will be still growing.

If you think that behaviour is an adaptation to environment and that can be taught or learn quickly then biodiversity – combining people with different background will yield creating complete humans. Our abilities are soaring.

One of most amazing stories of biodiversity in our human culture is Singapore. It is one of smallest countries, but diversity there is seen at every step. Last year I have been in Singapore for few days, and it is very heart moving country. History of Singapore is very beautiful and the same time bumpy. It is a shelter for immigrants. In Singapore, there are 5 official languages. Just to prove it here a photo from the train station, you can read the sign in 5 languages.

But what is interesting is that you can find very comfortable there. You are accepted there without any but. There are just a few places on earth where you can get that feeling. That you are welcome.

On one of the exhibitions on the main walk in Singapore, there was a little corner with recorded interviews with famous people in Singapore displayed on tv. On of the architects who design city centre, he was saying that one of his goals was to make a place in where everybody was welcome, that everybody could find something for themselves. That they could call center of Singapore their place.

These words really impact me very much. My whole stay was almost underlined by this worlds, it is like comforting our nature, human nature. We get caught up in some our thought that we want this and this and nothing else will be good for us. We are trying to defend them at every price, even when don?t serve us in the long term.

Singapore is very rich country. The only question is it is rich because it is diversified or it is diversified because is rich.

If you think about the biodiversity of earth, that many species, all kinds of plants animals are here just coexist with each other. So we can keep other alive. One species is doing something other can?t. And this net of cause and effect is giving the possibility to be alive to keep going. Despite where our origin is, one of the facts is that we are adapting to our environment. That our outcome is almost linked to environment, that we are organisms to facilitate it.

Diversity is about being sustainable. Solutions which are not sustainable, they are dying off, they cannot be kept alive, just like cancer.┬áHuman cancer is just like saying no to integration. Cancer is like growing abnormal cells, something new, something that wasn?t there, something that doesn’t fit there. It is focusing on itself. And then only way Is spreading till organism cannot handle something that is contaminated. And it is not about that something is different but something that is out of place.

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