Quantum shift of invisible

“If you don?t see something it doesn?t mean it doesn?t exist, it means you don?t see it”

Outcomes don?t happen, you need to prep for them, assumptions need to be fulfilled.

Last century has witness quantum shift. In politics, in science, art, technology. We can connect faster. Everything has changed. We can leverage more money than we have. We are for the first time acknowledging how we are thinking working and living. We are separating our perception from reality.

Last week, I came back to book about Pierre Curie. One of many fascinating stories was about burn he got from carrying small isotope in his pocket. He wasn?t aware of how dangerous idea it was. Nobody at that time didn?t know.


Pierre Curie, 1906 

The world was perceived by senses, touching, hearing, Everybody who wanted to do something involving just believing was called insane. Money supposed to be safely deposited in the bank. History of finance world actually shows that it doesn?t matter what kind of product you were offering. Our growth was limited, prior to 1900. We couldn’t use our resources to the same extent as today. We got many limits.

What in my mind is, our capabilities was constrained for a reason. What was happening, was happening for a specific grounds. Our motivation was unnecessary, we couldn?t reach new levels of development with that thinking. It was safe for us, for the human race. Models of politics and leadership, decision-making it wasn?t lean enough. Bad people could do the bad things with terrible results.

In order to grow you need to develop and maintain the system. That?s why in America for part 100 years there were so many changes. We don?t see this changes in everyday life but they are happening. We are taking them for granted. Just like national parks didn?t exist 150 years ago, today we almost take as most natural and comforting organization. Few hundred years ago It wasn?t necessary. We didn?t have the power to influence nature. Just imagine 200 years ago. It was just begging of the development of steam engine what means animals were used as transport, human populations were 14% of today one and there was no telephone available in your village. World sensitivity for your input was much smaller. If you wanted to travel to the different continent, it took months if not years. With that power, you can?t do much. If you were outraged at your neighbor, you could beat him. Opposite today, you have much boarder set of possibilities.

Because we have lost the connection between what is actually real with today perception and what can become, our world is growing. Very very fast. That?s why we need to develop according to situation structure. We just not an authoritarian organization. We are very much connected. We are living in one world for the very first time.

The first time we are gaining the power of God, the first time we get true freedom in our society. For the first time, we live together but alone. For the first time, we acknowledge that everybody need have safe conditions to live. Not just our family. Not just you.

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Your carrier of profesional mistake-making

Making mistakes is not about failing. It is not about who is right or who is wrong. It is about trying new things. Its about setting bar higher. It is about being humble.

When you set to explore new areas you need to fail. Only situation in which you can try adopt is by trial and error.

You are choosing to ignore change and keep status quo or you have guts to be vulnerable.

To adopt to new environment, situation or even obstacle you need to internalise important part of that experience. Every new cause and effect is felt in some kind of way as personal feeling.

Somebody can treat us to hurt but maybe they got bad day. Maybe it doesn?t have anything to do with us? But we will take it personally. To understand anything we need do have internal representation of that in our personal sphere or consciousness. In another words to react you need to have belief. You don?t act just on  knowledge. It need to be personal.

Emotions are one of our biggest blessings and curses. Emotions can give us sense of urgency they give us priorities. They gives us the way, values to be guided with. Sense of trueness. That our view is only true one.

They are agent to transform what is out there to what is mine. Everything what have label ?mine? is easier to digest, able to mange and act.

Ability to  transform external elements can be really painful. This mechanism can transform what is not important and give you sense of urgency. This is mechanism of procrastination.

Emotions are directly connected do what happen in the past. Past created our present emotions. They need to be understood this way. Emotion cannot be created in this moment. We need to get prepared for this moment. Just like beauty. Beauty is in eyes of observer not In the object itself. I didn?t understand this concept till my holidays in India few years ago. In one of first stops in over month journey though India, I stayed near Ajanta, where buddhist created amazing sculptures inside series of caves. My guide there, showed me the neighbourhood. After end of the day he invited me into his house for dinner. He was very curious how we are living in my country. So I have showed him my photos on my iPhone. He was quite intrigued and he was playing one of the movies over and over again. It was few second in length movie of my brothers playing with his child. They were chasing around the House. Pamuk he was playing it over and over again. It didn?t fit, I was asking myself, why he was playing this over and over.

Next day I got a spark of insight. Children in India ave very distant from their parents and for sure in traditional house. Playing with children wasn?t practiced in his house. So this movie was something intriguing maybe wanted. He saw something beautiful in this movie. Something inspiring deeply wanted or maybe disgusting?

When you are set to change the world, when you want to build things, world of many people need to be changed. Somebody can get hurt. But you need to persist.  Pain cannot define you. It is part of you but there is something more. If it could be avoided, avoid, but I cannot be excuse that you will change your course.

That way making mistakes, can have different sources. Sometimes we apply wrong knowledge to wrong problem. Sometimes we are out of luck. Sometimes circumstances change and even we we?re right we miss chance.

To grow you need to fail. Your world where you are not efficient need to disappear. Moments where you waste your time need to be removed.

Academia, becoming certified medical doctor or getting PhD, there are ways to create safe way that people can fail. It is very brutal obstacle course but it is necessary. Who will survive most difficult problems can be allowed to practice in real life. Everybody got some difficult teacher who demanded more and more. This person who cut push us over our own limits.

The only question is do you really need to grow? How you know that? Maybe problem is somewhere else?

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Environment for understanding Art

For very long time in our history, we were just providing goods. We didn?t took customers needs to seriously.

Product just worked, fulfilling basic requirements. Process was self sufficient. You could produce things which nobody wants. Sellers could charge too high price and still be fine.

Then modern era comes and internet.

For past 15 years world come to complete change. In our heads. We are thinking differently. End customer is playing much bigger role. Process of manufacturing, creating and distributing is different. Instead focus on-one-part-at-time we focus on process as a whole. We integrate different part to make best fit.

Audience is extension of artist, writer, producer or business owner. Needs of our costumers are solved by solutions provided by us. By our logic. Structure of whole experience need do be as integral as possible. Think of Spotify – streaming music provider. They are providing all of their music based on subscription of there product – music player. Spotify customers solve very narrow  problem – access to high quality records. Solution is be available on your computer, phone or tablet. This is what they do. Solutions to their main problem listening music can solve different problems, like boredom or support during home tasks, music for workout, remembering favourite playlist or sharing them.

Audience let you articulate very subtle elements.  If you play few notes on underground, it become unnoticed. Do it in environment where people expect that and theirs reaction will be different. In order for plans to grow, you need to plant in in soil.

Music is usually, very precise tool to influence our emotions. Just think about funeral music or music in chapel, music for workout. Not many people listen to Metallica on funeral but many do during gym-time.

Values have changed recently. Sharing is not only possible, is required. One of best resources – Wikipedia or Linux are completely open. Even you are as user encourage to modify them. Users create what they want to use. They are self standing guard of content.

Different side is listening to your customers too much. In that case costumers take care to predict company direction. It can be good, but can be very damaging. Good example is Apple. They are listening to theirs costumers but as well hold very clear philosophy. When you remove possibility to change too options you obviously, will have smaller choice but as well when things will go smoothly, your experience will be more pleasurable. Sometimes not listening is profitable on long term.

Environment you create, it will have rules. Like every system, it will work certain way. Do it consciously.


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Start with good ingredients or Why structure is so important?

What means to produce quality work? Can the future trends of quality can be predicted? How it connects with our lives? How Quality influence our day-to-day life?

Just like good quality watch need to be build by high quality parts, our work need to be build on strong base. Think about Nike. Nike is not only about great gear. Nike campaigns, honour great athletes. It is theres part of mission. They don?t create only nice, workout gear ads. They give back everything.

Quality is always strongly influenced by the past.

In US quality means it works, in Korea it is brand new, in Japan it is highest efficiency, in China it gives you social status. Perception of quality is influenced by language,  location, culture.  In one word environment.  We are adapted to it. Our thoughts are effect of our environment. What we have build it is in direct connection with our nature our basics needs. Where you are is in direct connection what you will have on mind. Evolution is direct effect of adaptation to have better quality of lives. To grow. We have created farms because we needed sustainable sources of food. Hunting was not enough. We need something more. Our expansion was too rapid. To many babies was born. Rising expansion of tribes, rising aggressiveness. Hunting wasn?t enough. We needed bigger river to swim. Hunting will be always part of us, is one of longest periods of our evolution.  That why hunting will always be connected to high quality of experience.

Sometimes we want to enhance something which is not great. We know deep inside it is not good way to go. We hope that when we add extra items it will make more nice. It is wrong way. Use only this material which is congruent with you. Show to the world only this what, can be biggest disaster. What is part of you. Francis Kafka, famous for ?process?, publish it against publicity. Nobody believed in him. He didn?t live long enough to acnowlage, fact about his enormous success. He just felt it. He know it . Belived in it.

Success sometimes is a lot of bullsh*t. It can be.  Maybe pharmaceutical companies, banks, institutions make just money for secret society. Maybe. But it doesn?t matter. We have job to do. We can change the world. It can happen. Choose to make good work.  This is story how not to go on shortcuts. Maybe is more difficult way, maybe gonna cost more pain but is only way to greatness. It is story how to be congruent with your past. Remember very much question of quality is connected to aspect of congruency. If system in which we are living is congruent, it will be high quality as well. Be like Nike, share what you believe in. Use culture but create it as well.

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Have experience in your field or Why exploration into new matter

Deliberate practice was coined during research by K. Anders Ericsson. He was studying people who are very good at what they are doing. Long story short, world class experts are doing many things differently and have years of practice. One of most visual examples of long practice is driving. You can be driver with a very long experience. But does it make you an excellent one? How would you do on NASCAR or F1 track?

Answer to this question is core to deliberate practice.

Unless you are training on the edge of your skills, you are NOT gonna perform better. If you are in a comfort zone = you don?t progress. If you want to join performers, you need to get there. You will be required to try things differently. You need to find your way in gaining advantage. Competitive sports are good example of that.


Everybody is on the same page at the beginning. Than training begisn. Some have extra advantages, extra cognitive capabilities, better body, better environment to train, or bigger motivation. Everything is then summarised during the final race. Person, who is thefittest, has the ability to involve the biggest amount or resources will win the race.


One of the most important concepts which you learnwhen practicing deliberate practice is the concept of  new distinctions. Distinctions give your way for making new things. Distinctions are based on associations of physical world to our internal feelings. Do you remember Pavlov dogs? This is the same structure, just in different emotions.

When you see distinctions, you are at the stage to discover structure. Anything what you are working on is not black magic but relationships of cause and effect. Just like your neighbourhood. In the begining you didn?t knew anybody. With time, houses around yours were filled with people who you knew personally. It was?t a house, it was ?Jim?s? house. With time you develop a more accurate map of the world.


The moment you stop exploring, you stop learnig. That is how the things are. Continuous learning has a side effect of failing sometimes. Question how fast you will be get up and start running again is the curve of your learning.


Normally, failure makes  you stop in the process of what you are doing. If you are fuelled by internal motivation, failures just make you stronger. Failure means that you were using wrong thinking for a wrong problem. Just to change the outcome, be aware what you are doing next time. Be aware of the previous mistakes. Try not to do them again. Now as far as you are willing to try new things, accept bigger challenges, bigger success with current mechanism you will have. If you want to be best at tennis, train like crazy, search for the best techniques, try new things. As long you will be able to keep your motivatio up and keep trying in face of raising obstacles, more successful you will become. There is no easy way.


The last thing you need to remember is the fact that persistence comes from your inner self. It cannot be learned. You need do discover it. If it is too hard, change your direction. You have just one inner genius. It needs to be on the right path.


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10 Rules for making Good Art (or product)

1.Start with good ingredients – retrieve what is there, don?t create fake  – embrace history.

Michael Angelo didn?t make sculptures, he retrieved them from piece of stone. They were already there. Great painters don?t choose lazy subjects. They choose what is important. Use history as your ally.


  1. Have an experience in field – prepare yourself – know what you are talking about – do your work

Most artists prepare themselves for making art. They read everything on a given subject. They take advantage of experience in a real world. If you want to write about trains, take a few trips and talk to people interested in the subject. (Ayn Rand and train research for Atlas Shrugged)

Better you prepare yourself, better and faster your job will be done. Doctors practice for years before healing people. Be like a doctor of soul. Move people in right direction.


3.Environment – have an audience who can hear what you want to say.

Create or use environment ?1where your art gonna make right reaction. Remember about Joshua Bell and Washington  DC Metro experiment. If you don?t have right position, nobody gonna listen.


  1. Make it with love. Make it because you can, not as if beeing forced to do it.

Think about your grandma preparing cakes for grandchildren. If you do anything with love, you will care more. People will sense your attitude. Be playful – Margaret Atwood and her book Debt. Good art is not always making big important things. Sometimes is this subjects which nobody is touching on.


5.Be truthful

Everybody can lie. Few can get away with it. Fewer can tell truth. Feed the right wolf.  If you are to stop caring for you material be careful, it gonna feed wrong wolf. Take a break. It is better not to do it than damage yourself.


6.Embrace obstacles – what is happening is happening, use it, don?t deny it.

Your feelings can be transmitted. Some hard feelings are part of the process. That is what makes us human after all.


7.Remove waste – unnecessary things

Always aim for perfection. You not gonna achieve it. It is impossible. But it is worth trying.

However, remember – don’t oversimplify.


8.Embrace your broken hart – strong emotions

If somebody broke your heart, use it. There is a juice of art. Everybody feels broken. Everybody feels lonely. Everybody feels wasted. Use it. Help others. Remember in Art everybody starts from zero. Just like everybody starts on eBay with zero feedback.


9.Embrace feedback – criticise you own work – look for a fake signal

Find what is not working. Be like a magnifying glass. If you gonna be looking for smallest mistakes, your audience won?t see small ones.


  1. Look for invisible

Overachievers just perform better, genius will find invisible, something what nobody can see.


These 10 rules are inspired from Neil Gaiman 2012 Commencement Speech – Make Good Art

Brilliant watch.


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