Strategy behind your skills

Skills are changing everything. If you look at your career not as a set of experiences but as a way to build skills of some kind what is happening? When you are focusing just on what you can do, what is your literary workplace – your core rosposiblity, focus where you are adding value of some kind it is easier.

To understand completely you need to dissociate form humans, you need to look from worldview. You need to have completely perspective.

There are no ultimate loopholes, that you can exploit. More of exploration of way without the ned you are using, more you are risking. Just like followers on twitter. Look for people who a lot of followers. They are contributing value at some level. More align you are with what is true, what is sustainable, more successful you are.

I?m thinking here about Bill Gates. As you know, few years ago he donated huge portion his wealth to charity cause. This caused that he doffed on list most wealth people in world, and few years later he is back again. He is somehow outside of it. In 2000 he was pressed by government that he will resign from directing company. Right now he is ding something apposite of what we could predict making money. He is trying to make a world better place. We are talking about solving problems like poverty, teaching crisis, ebola, viruses. It seems crazy but actually he is working on cause and he have big skills to take care about it.

The problem with skills is not how many you have or how big they are, but how much they allow you to align your needs of actual world. Money will come. If you will work hard, work dedicated, work long, you will see results. It is question of time. Many things will change. Technology will change, currency will change , government will change, but what will stay is how you are unwinding, how you are creating your habits, how you are influencing others, how inspire others. And skills not only means how to do something but as well handling difficult situations, problems. All of these are inputs. Later you just need to define what you will do.

Behind every skill there is set of strategies. Strategies are compiled with steps and frameworks. Waking up early can expose your strategies. When you wake up early you don?t have freedom to do unnecessary things. It Is early in the morning, almost everybody else is still asleep. But even you can feel uncomfortable, sit back and relax. You are about to learn very important information. The structure is always there. You can?t see it sometime. It is covered with beliefs and rationalisations. But it is there.

Strategy doesn?t change. Just like 2+2=4, is mathematical version of our world. It is prediction that if you do something it will give you certain result.

You can just change strategy, do something else, something what will have different structure. You can do it by first being aware that you want to change it and then applying theory – information from seminar, book, friend or blog. If your new strategy will be suitable to you you will make it over and over again.

Tools are most simple version of strategies. If you have some need, you use tool and job done. You want to drive a nail. You take a nail, hammer, hit a nail and job done. Every driving a nail will be the same. Unless you use power hammer.

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Man who coin proactivness

“Proactive people can carry their own weather with them. Whether it rains or shines makes no difference to them. They are value driven; and if their value is to produce good quality work, it isn’t a function of whether the weather is conducive to it or not.”

When talking about proactive tasks you just can?t no mention Stephan Covey and his book “7 habits of highly effective people”.

In his time, it was breakthrough, adding new dimension, new perspective. He was men who is associated with word – proactive. What is urgent, what is pressing on reaction on us is not always important. In another words, you can not do anything and anything will happen. It is like responding to ringing phone. Some people cannot help themselves but to instantly pick it up without thinking. They are using existing structure ringing phone = important.

This little things, they reveal how we are thinking on more basic level. How you are dealing with your ringing phone can be connected how you are processing information. Selective attention giver us new destinations. New distinctions implies new ways to respond. We don?t have just only hammer in our toolbox.

But like almost proactivness must me placed on prepared ground. Few years ago, one of my friends who was a Air Ambulance with more of 20 years experience was revealing how important is thinking in congruent timeframes. He as a pilot got very fast machine – helicopter in his command. His responsibility was to guarantee fast and safe passage of patients from point A to B. But increasing flying speed was consistent with increased risk. So flying at maximum speed was not always optimal option and the fastest.

If you think in terms as flying as not only travel speed but as well time to communicate with Air Traffic Control or maintaining performance of aircraft or preparing for next phase. For him there was no point to fly at full speed and then waiting to land because something wasn?t prepared.

Congruency of timeframes for him was crucial. What means proactive means that it will be easier if you take something care now rather than in future even if that means slowing down now.

You can cause urgency for almost everything. If you turn off your phone for next 36 hours, everybody close to you will start thinking that something happen – accident, death or major problem. This implies urgency to our life. If it is not possible to do now, it means it is urgent. It is not true.

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Favourite books from 2015

Here is my selection of my favourite books from 2015.

Open by Andre Agassi, J.R. Moehringer First amazingly written autobiography of Andrea Agassi – beloved tennis player with coauthor JR Moehringer. Such a good read. Beautiful style connected with amazing content.

The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined by Steven Pinker How violence and aggression have declined during centuries. Reading this book is like pouring honey on soul. That humans are generally good at soul.

The Art of Asking; or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Let People Help by Amanda Palmer One of top books of this year. How to ask for help. Too many of don?t realised yet that getting things done means sometimes just asking for it.
The Martian by Andy Weir Amazing science fiction. Light but as well give interesting insight to our lives.

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline Reflection how digital world is taking over. And how we are forgetting sometimes where from we are coming.

What I Learned Losing a Million Dollars by Jim Paul, Brendan Moynihan Insane story when you care too much about making money.

The Fish That Ate the Whale: The Life and Times of America’s Banana King by Rich Cohen Story of Samuel Zemurray who build banana empire from selling overripe bananas

Brainwave by Poul Anderson If you start having bigger means to think, what will change?

“I.Q. of 400 really doesn?t make sense, intelligence on that level may not be intelligence at all as we know it now, but something else.?”

Anything You Want by Derek Sivers What means to be true to yourself and successful at same time?

The Autobiography of Eleanor Roosevelt by Eleanor Roosevelt Not many people know that when Theodore Roosevelt was president Eleanor Roosevelt was she served as the first chair of the UN Commission on Human Right. Amaiznig story of beautiful and strong woman.

Kane and Abel by Jeffrey Archer Masterpiece of one of my favourite writers of all times. If you like it make sure to watch movie – Most violent year 

Against the Gods: The Remarkable Story of Risk by Peter L. Bernstein How we are filling what we don’t understand as luck and risk.

“Up to the time of the Renaissance, people perceived the future as little more than a matter of luck or the result of random variations, and most of their decisions were driven by instinct. When the conditions of life are so closely linked to nature, not much is left to human control.”

“Today, Leonardo would barely squeak by in a third-grade arithmetic class.”

How Nature Works: The Science of Self-Organized Criticality by Per Bak“Most of the changes take place through catastrophic events rather than by following a smooth gradual path.”

“Quantum mechanics tells us that electrons in an atom can only exist in states with specific energies.”

“Complexity is a Chinese box phenomenon. In each box there are new surprises.”

“Crystals and gases and orbiting planets are not complex, but landscapes are.”

“Life is understood backwards, but must be lived forwards”

“We don’t just observe the average properties of many small unpredictable events, but only one specific outcome in its full glory.”

“Chaotic systems have no memory of the past and cannot evolve.”

“Without the concept of universality we would be in bad shape. There be no fundamental “emergent” laws of nature to discover, only a big mess.”

“Self-organized criticality is nature’s way of making enormous transformations over short time scales.”

Bossypants by Tina Fey Tina Fey talks about improv, carrer and great stories about ourselves.

“One time my mom babysat a set of the Italian Rum Cake Kids while their parents went to a wedding reception. This was the first time this nice couple had gone out alone since their children were born. Their parents dropped them off after the ceremony. Little Christo and Maria were still all dressed up. Christo wore a tiny black suit and a white shirt. Maria wore a red velvet dress and cried in the playpen from the moment her parents left until the moment they returned. My mom tried everything to console her, food? The end. After a couple hours of this, seven-year-old Christo was beside himself. He had never been babysat before. How long was this fuckery going to go on? His sister was hysterical. He paced around our living room, now in his shirtsleeves and black pants. Pulling his golden curls nervously, he looked like the night manager of a miniature diner who had just had a party of six dine and dash. He ranted to his baby sister in Greek, ? , vreh ??? Mapia!? This sent my mother running into the dining room laughing hysterically. I chased her. What? What did he say? Roughly translated it was ?Oh! My Maria! What is to become of us?? His overdramatic ridiculousness tickled my mom in such a specific way that she was doubled over in the dining room, hoping the kids wouldn?t see that she was laughing so hard at them she peed a little. A phenomenon I now understand on all levels. They were going to be fine, but they couldn?t possibly believe it. That must have been what I looked like to my doctor friend. That must be what I look like to anyone with a real problem?active-duty soldier, homeless person, Chilean miner, etc. A little tiny person with nothing to worry about running in circles, worried out of her mind. Either way, everything will be fine. But if you have an opinion, please feel free to offer it to me through the gap in the door of a public restroom.”

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If you do for yourself, do it, but …

“If you do for yourself – do it,

if for somebody else – delegate it.”

Everybody growing, sooner or later will be faced with decision what do by themselves and what to delegate. One of my friends, shared with me this very simple but yet so powerful strategy.

Some situations require our direct supervision, they are very important to us, crucial. When we are doing work for ourselves. When our perspective is necessary.

For last few weeks I have been into one particular site – Brain Pickings. It is page curated by Maria Popova. Every day she publish few articles in order to answer how to live well. What does it mean? She collect quotes from mostly books and put them into articles with her point of view.

Being inspired by her work  have been doing some research to find out some answers how it is possible that Brain Pickings is so much inspiring. Through series of interview, it become clear that she is scratching her own itch. She is doing for herself. Not  for readers, not for being famous but for herself.

It is new category emerging in modern times. When our personal work can be scaled, can be experienced by more than these who are round us but as well these who can visit our website, company or use our services.

But there are as well different situations. When our employees need to learn how to make decision by themselves. When organisation goals are big enough we cannot do everything by ourselves, we need help. Delegation to others can be very dirty process and based on our own lack of, but as well can help keeps pipes flowing. Delegation to others is base for management.

The last type, is self-organisation, when you are mixing both. Right now I can be seen In bigger and bigger number of organisations. Ownership given to people will yield with surprising results. Instagram was funded by 13 people till sale for Facebook on 2012 for 1 billion in cash. Nice result for work of 13 people for more less 2 years.

If you do for yourself – do it, if for somebody else – delegate it.

But remember there is third way.


Instagram team @ Facebook HQ
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Forcing wellbeing & balance

Modern times have one biggest benefit of our times. It comes with special thinking. To separate one concept from others completely and explore it. To find what it’s not true, what are possibilities and what can be done. To contaminate facts in theory.
There are quite a few years since I have moved out from living with my parents, started to live my own, working, studying. A lot have changed. I have gone through some heavy addiction to smoking and a lot of self-hate. For last few months, everything is coming on the better way, finally getting control over what I would really achieve and what is important.

When still living with my parents, I used do to come back from school by walking everyday for over 1 hour, we used to take long hiking trips on every weekend, we regularly went to our summer house. Then everything have changed.

Moving to another part of a country, attending university. Starting to smoke. It seems as way without the way out. Growing fast wasn?t enough.

Usually we think that science is discovering one universal Truth. But is it true?  By listening to many modern teachers of science, more true is that we are looking into what isn?t true. That we are trying to disprove our theory first.

Our observations have huge impact on how we are thinking about research and how it creates its meaning. For past few decades we we?re using research to prove our thesis with core relations. Here are the facts, there is theirs meaning and you should do this. But research doesn?t implies how it will affect us. Research reveals KPI – Key Point Indicators – areas which need to be achieved to achieve greater goal. However they cannot be endpoints.

If you look just at research you can find that if you do this this and this you will have this outcome. Compare this with time when you hot some theory, some internal observation. You looked for some evidence and then try to disprove it. But it fit well together. First example is called co-science. Unrelated facts put together with common denominator. Second it is starching own itch. When you just know it. It doesn?t prove that you are wrong. It prove that you can be completely right or completely wrong.

For example if you drink a lot of water more than 2 litters of water, put a little bit of salt. It is because by drinking a loads of water you take out minerals from your body including sodium which is necessary to support muscles like heart. If you don?t do it and your heart will fail and you will die. Research is?t about making a picture is about filling the picture, validating it.

Our body can be perceive from perspective of science as a self contain unit. Unit which is environment for thoughts emotions and energy. Taking care about our body can have different shapes, starting from nurturing when we are small by our patents, medical care and medical emergencies when our body fail or is damage or to physiological care. Long time ago there was very interesting research about what is called friendly fire.

During Vietnam war over 30% soldiers were killed by what is called friendly fire. For many years scientist were trying to find reason by that huge number. They have try many different approaches to bad communications, not enough equipment or bad logistics and none of these worked. When they tried depreciate soldiers in experiment from sleep, situation was reconstructed. When soldiers were sleeping less than 4 hours per night, almost half of them ?was? killed during stimulated battle.

Another research about decision making of judges in court. This one was more focused on decision handling and how was rest and wellbeing affecting decision about sentence. Results were astonishing – after the break judges were almost sure to give light or sentence and other just few hours of work, decisions were less forgiving.

Different fact involve our brains. Every creature have brain when have ability of movement. We have that complex brain because we can walk, transport ourselves, experience different stimulants. Think about this like need for expansion. When we are small our capabilities are small. We don?t require a lot. But when we are growing up this is changing. We need bigger field for our motion.

Scientist, we like to think,that they sit for long hours in small rooms thinking about just one and this one thing. But it isn?t true.  Every professor have their own ?workout?. Next week try to organise to go for a walk. Few hours of walking. It will change your perspective. In buddhist tradition it is called walking meditation. It evolves nothing more than moving you body. Every emotion is less likely to survive over long walk. We build our history, by telling story. We assign elements to create, what we call story. We put them together just to make life easier.

It is easier to live by myth than make your own choices. It is only possibility in beginning. But we can?t do it over and over. When you have trait you can go explore on your own.  You can let go.

Everybody who are depressed, confirm that it is very difficult state to be in. You are confused and afraid of what you are becoming. That you are loosing identity. That you are loosing yourself.

Religion practice and whole meditation stuff is to identify that moment, and be aware of it. There is no easy way. Most probably you will fail million times, but it is ok. You just need to know that there is moment after depression, and it fades away like everything. It is not sable state.

Every emotion is based on chemical compounds . Hormones put us in very specific emotional state. Higher blood flow, will help to change them. The same principle can apply to oxygen. If you take a walk, your oxygen intake will be higher and your brain will function better, thriving on new supply of organic energy. Our body is self organising system, you can learn how to ?reset? it, how to fully take care about it.

Being fit Is more motivated by avoiding what is inevitable in case of not taking care about your body. Years ago I remember picture from book ?The Naked Pilot?. It was book about how we are making decision, how we are doing it better. One of pictures is inside my mind till today. It was picture of bird skeleton and human skeleton. They were almost the same.
We cannot change way how we experience emotions, everybody feel the same way happiness or sadness. But our battle is change environment for our advantage.

Removing fatigue and keeping your body fit will help you remove unhealthy habits or unnecessary actions. One of the stories from Naked pilot was that during emergencies, sometimes pilots were so preoccupied with work that they were forgetting to ?fly? airplane (communicating with air traffic control or maintaining altitude). They were loosing big perspective.

When your hearth will be gone, you will be gone. If even Barack Obama can find hour everyday to go to the gym, so do you. It is not what it can give you but with what it can help avoid

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Positive side of scaling down

Linear scaling of company doesn?t work. What was working in past will not work in future. We know this for sure.

When you grow bigger you need to adapt to change and develop necessary structure. But can it means to scale down?

Few days ago, when going through notes,  I got wandering about article on Glaxo Smith Klein, one of the biggest pharmaceuticals companies and how it is scaling down its teams.

There is the difference between how we actually work and how we think how we are working.  

Longer I research field of scalability, more and more I can find question of scaling fascinating. Despite how much success you or your company have there are many limits to growth. Lust like person which is obese, doesn?t grow its structure bone the same ways, company core sometimes it?s stay the same.

To survive we need to grow organically, in moments despite other parts and in other times with perfect synchronicity. You cannot keep up being in touch for more than 150 people, and you cannot extend time. What you can do in 24 hours is solid. You can only choose how you spend it, how you use it. Limits make in every filed make it competitive.

We like to think in big terms, if we manage bigger number of people than better, but it is not true. Startups and big corporations are beginning to facilitate to how we actually work instead how we think we work. Small teams are more and valuable today than before.

Smaller teams have greater capacity to change direction if necessary, communications is much easier and keeping everybody on one page as well. When we start venture we almost always start with small means. There are few people on team, not so many resources.

Every business is faced with the same question, if you innovate, how you do It, how you facilitate it?

There was very much discussion with mathematicians and physicists if Einstein discovered rules of light or did he invented them. It is very tricky question.

I personally think that e did both. They are not mutually excluded. Discovering is like exploring new areas, not naming them, looking for them. Inventing is like giving a name to experience or physical object or interaction. Is making a structure to this what is happening.

To make small teams is job to make small manageable chunks of company in employee hands. To do that you need to apply modern business philosophies. You need to force modern solutions. Computers forced on us paradoxically in more organisation of our life. Prior to internet boom not so many people were talking about procrastination.

When I have been in National Planetarium in Kuala Lumpur, there was beautiful quote. ?Once we were guided by stars. Now we are traveling among them.? Long time ago we were focus on ideas which are just not there. It was useful direction to develop sense of ourselves. We were guided by morals and God. It was like necessary delusion, convenient metaphor. Now we have all this fancy equipment and stuff. But what this allow us is to extract nature thinking, to extract it from environment and apply it in very specific way.

To understand ourselves we need to understand our world, where we are common from and I am not talking about family roots but roots of humanity. That developing oneself mean deeper understanding yourself. Working more, having more relationships, making more money, traveling this are the ways to achieve bigger knowledge about self.

And this knowledge help us, to understand more, work more precise. To be more happy, to live more directed lives. The question is not how we think how we are working but actually how we are working. It doesn?t matter if organisation is global or count 10 people. It have the same moment ability, as biggest part.

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Your carrier of profesional mistake-making

Making mistakes is not about failing. It is not about who is right or who is wrong. It is about trying new things. Its about setting bar higher. It is about being humble.

When you set to explore new areas you need to fail. Only situation in which you can try adopt is by trial and error.

You are choosing to ignore change and keep status quo or you have guts to be vulnerable.

To adopt to new environment, situation or even obstacle you need to internalise important part of that experience. Every new cause and effect is felt in some kind of way as personal feeling.

Somebody can treat us to hurt but maybe they got bad day. Maybe it doesn?t have anything to do with us? But we will take it personally. To understand anything we need do have internal representation of that in our personal sphere or consciousness. In another words to react you need to have belief. You don?t act just on  knowledge. It need to be personal.

Emotions are one of our biggest blessings and curses. Emotions can give us sense of urgency they give us priorities. They gives us the way, values to be guided with. Sense of trueness. That our view is only true one.

They are agent to transform what is out there to what is mine. Everything what have label ?mine? is easier to digest, able to mange and act.

Ability to  transform external elements can be really painful. This mechanism can transform what is not important and give you sense of urgency. This is mechanism of procrastination.

Emotions are directly connected do what happen in the past. Past created our present emotions. They need to be understood this way. Emotion cannot be created in this moment. We need to get prepared for this moment. Just like beauty. Beauty is in eyes of observer not In the object itself. I didn?t understand this concept till my holidays in India few years ago. In one of first stops in over month journey though India, I stayed near Ajanta, where buddhist created amazing sculptures inside series of caves. My guide there, showed me the neighbourhood. After end of the day he invited me into his house for dinner. He was very curious how we are living in my country. So I have showed him my photos on my iPhone. He was quite intrigued and he was playing one of the movies over and over again. It was few second in length movie of my brothers playing with his child. They were chasing around the House. Pamuk he was playing it over and over again. It didn?t fit, I was asking myself, why he was playing this over and over.

Next day I got a spark of insight. Children in India ave very distant from their parents and for sure in traditional house. Playing with children wasn?t practiced in his house. So this movie was something intriguing maybe wanted. He saw something beautiful in this movie. Something inspiring deeply wanted or maybe disgusting?

When you are set to change the world, when you want to build things, world of many people need to be changed. Somebody can get hurt. But you need to persist.  Pain cannot define you. It is part of you but there is something more. If it could be avoided, avoid, but I cannot be excuse that you will change your course.

That way making mistakes, can have different sources. Sometimes we apply wrong knowledge to wrong problem. Sometimes we are out of luck. Sometimes circumstances change and even we we?re right we miss chance.

To grow you need to fail. Your world where you are not efficient need to disappear. Moments where you waste your time need to be removed.

Academia, becoming certified medical doctor or getting PhD, there are ways to create safe way that people can fail. It is very brutal obstacle course but it is necessary. Who will survive most difficult problems can be allowed to practice in real life. Everybody got some difficult teacher who demanded more and more. This person who cut push us over our own limits.

The only question is do you really need to grow? How you know that? Maybe problem is somewhere else?

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Pain of growth, being useless

Leaving in modern times almost Is equal with suffering,  chronicle pain and sickness. Everywhere where you look, at your friends colleagues, everybody struggle to end meet end.

Technology gives us not only means to work smarter but as well harder. In beginning of previous century, our productivity was finite. You could work only certain amount of hours per week. If you overworked your body you get sick and could die.

Traveling was pain in ass. To travel from one side of globe to another, it took months and was extremely expensive. In beginning of year, I have been in Singapore. After arriving at airport after 15 hours flight, I was really tired. Dead tired. Jet lagged, went on evening dinner, I?ve been wondering. Charles Darwin wanted to get to Australia from Britain, it took him almost 4 months. I have done a little bit shorter route in 15 hours including transit form one plane to another in middle.

Negative side of efficiency is feeling useless. Even when you are extremely useful during work hours is very difficult to turn off this efficiency mode.

Few weeks I have heard amazing story about prevention suicide barriers installed on bridges. Pair of scientist made a research about its effectiveness. They found of that it was extremely effective. Almost every person who came to bridge with barriers (it wasn?t possible to jump from bridge) they didn?t do it. They went home, not to other bridge. It was very impulsive. As longest you will make some space for it, when you let go, it goes away.

For many of us it is just cautionary tale. This is one of extremes. But in UK almost 30% of deaths of male 20-32years old is caused by suicide.

When I was little I remember documentary on National Geographic about bridges. Head engineer, was explaining that this bridge Is located in dangerous area – earthquakes were quite often there. But he explain that bridge is constructed in very special way. To illustrate that he took sheet of paper. When you try to rip it it will be vary hard. But make just one crack on top, it will shredder without problem.

If crack will be not there, you can?t rip the paper. Our job is not allowing for that crack

?What gets measured, gets managed? 

Peter Drucker

One of very useful solutions to that problem was for me to plan week in advance. I put in calendar when I work, when I write, when I need to go to sleep to get enough amount of it. Just like you want control spending, best idea is to keep track, that same rules equals to rest. You will see how much you work, how much you sleep and when you are most effective. It is hard or even impossible to do it on your guts feeling. It not question of feelings but outcomes.

Giving yourself place to refuel, is one of crucial aspects of not killing yourself with work. It is ok to work hard. But you need to counterbalance with equal amount of rest. Our natural world is ruled by balance. If you want to keep high performance you need to have a lot of practice which take out stress of your shoulders. Because if you are constantly tired, feeling burnout, you are going in circles. It is time to take a reflection. It is time to take a break.

The question is not if you get to your goals, correct question is at what price.

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Experience to explore or Our future.

When we start something, or is it new trip, new life path or career, we say yes to everything. Exploration is base for experience.

Some time ago I heard from amazing movie ?something ventured? that synthetic insulin for people with diabetes was created by startup called Genentech. It was long time ago, most of us when we hear about innovation we think about Apple, Microsoft or Uber. But think how many lives were changed by introducing of insulin. How problem is invisible. We don?t even think that before that people got huge difficulties to live their lives, even die because of that.

There is famous quote which goes ?travel enrich people? but there is second part of this quote – ?for people who are knowable?. Journey starts with our attempt to it. When we prepare to it, plan it. Tong time a go, books of Polish Arctic Explorer – Marek Kamiński, was great source of inspiration. He is famous for holding Guinness World Record for being first person to conquer Norton and South, solo and unsupported. One of quotes which I remember the most was was that in difficult times, motivation was hard. Telling himself to try harder wasn?t working, but piece of poetry or music was the one keep him moving.

We as a humans, can?t stop exploring. This is our call. And our need for exploration changes. In Ancient times we have begin with food territory and resources. Than we are moving on for more invisible goals like money or even peace of mind, green energy.

For ages we are looking for something what we can more, something to change.

If we would be looking for what we need, our development would stop around middle ages or maybe even earlier. We can presume that. But is that true? Enough is never enough for us. When we think that our development is over, we discover piece of music from past and decide to keep going. Something inspires us to don?t stop.

When we say yes to everything in beginning, than we say no to almost all. We can carry our past on our backs but our children can?t. They will choose. Only most important survive.

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Our carrier is not set of points. So cannot be over?

Many of us are afraid that career choice or concerning life is final. That one situation can define us. You can think that being fired, heard from your agent you are useless and your career is over. It isn?t true. There is always something after.

Core antidote for this problem is understanding that we are un-separable from environment. But our resources are.

Very good story is coming from Netflix series House of Cards. House of Cards on IMDB ?A Congressman works with his equally conniving wife to exact revenge on the people who betrayed him.?   Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) in first season first Chief whip then in season 2  Vice President and in last 3 season plays President of USA. Theirs goals are changing with every season. It is very interesting. One thing which is very common for almost every episode of House of cards is that Frank almost always fail first. He is betrayed. But he fights back and wins. He is creating success story.

Core conclusion from House of Cards for me is you can be defeated but if you have ability to replenish resources fairly quickly and you are willing to stomach your failure you can be winning again.

We like to thing in very linear terms. A equals B and this lead to C. We think that we can predict future but it is simply not true. Our lives are more self organised. We can have set of ultimate goals which we can predict that will have ultimate impact on us but it is very untrue. Better things happen. Future always bring the best from past.

Past is a solely a resource and resource need to be interpreted. So our beliefs they have sense only in future never in past. Our legacy can be redefined even when we are dead – Kafka, Tesla or da Vinci are only few examples of that.

Do you remember Monica Lewinsky – former White House intern, and one of reason of impeachment president Clinton? When she was young she have done something stupid. She paid the price for it, was bullied by TV, newspapers and maybe more painful by people. Almost everybody judge heir based on what she have done and what was our perception. It wasn?t fair. It was fail but now she is redefining it. Currently is very strong voice against cyberbullying. Using it to help others not to make the same mistakes again. We cannot undone what happen but we can redefine it.

Another example is Nelson Mandela. He have spent half of his life in jail. His story is somewhat one of most inspiring. Nobody plan that sort of thing. He started as young politician in South Africa, than he was sentenced for his beliefs and imprisoned for almost 3 decades. After coming free jail he becomes leader of nation to break it free from painful past of authoritarian government. In his book Long walk to freedom he mention that he spent time in prison to prepare himself. He was victim of regime. In order to gain he needed to take responsibility for his country and take tough choices for his country. He pivot his past to use it as advantage.

Army can be as well defined in different way. Army is a structure to gain control of unfriendly environment and this goal is fulfilled by many different solutions. They have discipline and ranks to make sure that job will be done. They have special equipment and years of training to prepare them for combat. Army is about getting job done.

Some time ago I have seen this picture below. It shows US Army bunker in undisclosed location somewhere in Norway. For me it looks more like Amazon Distribution Centre than army warehouse. You always expect that it will have tanks and military stuff but in today world, army needs to supply troops fast and reliable way with non-military equipment like food or clothes, medicine – thats why it is sometimes easier to ship equipment in carton boxes.

The same way it is true another way – Army can be used to different goals than fighting enemy. Always when country is experiencing natural disaster, army is called in. They have necessary structure to handle heavy lifting of situation.

We are thinking that what we are doing is only useful for this closed and just this conditions. But reality is not always that way. During our learning is it useful to have that assumption but, not after.  Proces of creation and learning is somewhere different than using it.

Elements of resources like experience, skills, mindsets, emotions, or physical world can be used in many different ways. There are many ways of our potential self.

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