Quantum shift of invisible

“If you don?t see something it doesn?t mean it doesn?t exist, it means you don?t see it”

Outcomes don?t happen, you need to prep for them, assumptions need to be fulfilled.

Last century has witness quantum shift. In politics, in science, art, technology. We can connect faster. Everything has changed. We can leverage more money than we have. We are for the first time acknowledging how we are thinking working and living. We are separating our perception from reality.

Last week, I came back to book about Pierre Curie. One of many fascinating stories was about burn he got from carrying small isotope in his pocket. He wasn?t aware of how dangerous idea it was. Nobody at that time didn?t know.


Pierre Curie, 1906 

The world was perceived by senses, touching, hearing, Everybody who wanted to do something involving just believing was called insane. Money supposed to be safely deposited in the bank. History of finance world actually shows that it doesn?t matter what kind of product you were offering. Our growth was limited, prior to 1900. We couldn’t use our resources to the same extent as today. We got many limits.

What in my mind is, our capabilities was constrained for a reason. What was happening, was happening for a specific grounds. Our motivation was unnecessary, we couldn?t reach new levels of development with that thinking. It was safe for us, for the human race. Models of politics and leadership, decision-making it wasn?t lean enough. Bad people could do the bad things with terrible results.

In order to grow you need to develop and maintain the system. That?s why in America for part 100 years there were so many changes. We don?t see this changes in everyday life but they are happening. We are taking them for granted. Just like national parks didn?t exist 150 years ago, today we almost take as most natural and comforting organization. Few hundred years ago It wasn?t necessary. We didn?t have the power to influence nature. Just imagine 200 years ago. It was just begging of the development of steam engine what means animals were used as transport, human populations were 14% of today one and there was no telephone available in your village. World sensitivity for your input was much smaller. If you wanted to travel to the different continent, it took months if not years. With that power, you can?t do much. If you were outraged at your neighbor, you could beat him. Opposite today, you have much boarder set of possibilities.

Because we have lost the connection between what is actually real with today perception and what can become, our world is growing. Very very fast. That?s why we need to develop according to situation structure. We just not an authoritarian organization. We are very much connected. We are living in one world for the very first time.

The first time we are gaining the power of God, the first time we get true freedom in our society. For the first time, we live together but alone. For the first time, we acknowledge that everybody need have safe conditions to live. Not just our family. Not just you.

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