Why I have started to do useless things again?

For last few days I have become totally obsessed with words of Debbie Milman that the important thing takes the time to develop. But maybe something that we want the most, sometimes, do not offer the highest return. Maybe we need to do something else. I found myself so many times tired, wanting to sleep, to get rest but push extra mile just to read for these 40 minutes before bed. But maybe sometimes you need to deal with what is a most pressing issue to have bigger resources, field to address. If something what you think is bad, that it will be waste of time sometimes is the actually best thing you can do. If you will hold yourself with cleaning up your computer, it will hold your back because, if decreases your productivity. It is not a question of your opinion, rather than an objective mechanism.

The same principle is about the bootloader, a small program which by itself it is useless. It does nothing except leading the next big thing. Sometimes we need to deal with the biggest issue, we need to address it as will block your way out what we really want. We have just one consciousness, one focus and if something is blocking space there, higher functions will be just not possible.

The absolute laws of the universe are like rules you play by. You don?t see them, you cannot sense them, but sometimes if you do something wrong you will be poked on the arm.

Every chance of running away from our nature is like trying to go against our ourselves. To experience our true self you need to go trough every stage possible. You need to have experience how to play by rules, how to address everybody the same, how to make a business successful, how to have true friends, how to stay true with your family. Every stage is from some point waste of time. It takes energy, it is painful. But together it builds a beautiful life, something worth living.

Even if you have access to your true nature, true self can be experienced only momentarily. It will just not hold itself all the time. It needs to be nurtured. It takes places in these moments, where everything comes by itself. You cannot force enlightenment or having a good idea. You can take care to have the best environment for it, but still, there is invisible hand. Every action is occupied with some side effect. If you are trying to force effect sometimes, it will make things worse. Think about shouting to somebody to calm down as an example. It cannot work.

On one morning, in London underground I have been a witness of quite a funny situation, but which show how rational thinking really works. I was taking underground to central London and in one carriage, some man was standing in middle of the train leaning his back against the vertical handrail. It wasn?t very early morning so the wasn?t many people around. There was space for everybody. But two girls, quite young, maybe being the first time in London were commenting quite loudly, how some people are not respecting others and blocking space (just to clarify, the guy was wearing a nice suit and huge headphones, and playing loud music). I have heard them making comments for a few minutes as a bystander. Then when stopping on station in central London typical Londoner came to into our carriage and flexibly put his hand behind our guy leaning on the handrail and just like nothing happens. It was quite funny to watch, just like. There was just no concept of touching other guy or uncomfortableness. There was like common understanding and allow-ness to break each other personal space to reach a common goal ? traveling together.

Sometimes the change is really small, but you need to be willing to do it. In book ?Algorithms to live by?, authors at the last chapter bring one of the most moving thesis, that even if our rational thinking is in shades of gray, we can apply them to more zero-one decisions. When we feel that there are many options there is just one valuable option for now. It seems contrary, to take chances at decisions which are yes-or-no and decide based statistics, but it works. Rational thinking is applying our theory even to what can seem as the purely emotional case. Sometimes is

good idea

to follow your heart sometimes is good to follow your instincts, and sometimes your knowledge. In short, we cannot put too much in our focus. We need to take step by step.

?Purposes are deduced from behavior, not from rhetoric or stated goals.?

?If a frog turns right and catches a fly, and then turns left and catches a fly, and then turns around backward and catches a fly, the purpose of the frog has to do not with turning left or right or backward but with catching flies. If a government proclaims its interest in protecting the environment but allocates little money or effort toward that goal, environmental protection is not, in fact, the government?s purpose.? ?  ?Thinking in systems? Donella Meadows

?The flu virus does not attack you; you set up the conditions for it to flourish within you.?

In order to keep going, you need to cover all the bases. It is necessary. Plus is minus is the same thing and it is extremely easy to mistake motion for progress. To catch the big waves you need to make space for them, develop special kind of capacity. Neil Strauss, in an interview with Marc Moron in WTF show, as a journalist with huge experience, mention that most people pretend that they are so busy all the time especially in interviews, but when the interview is over, the void was coming. When he have been doing a book with Marylin Manson, they were times when they were extremely busy. And then to nothing and one day in the middle of night, they would be doing nothing, and Marilyn is going to wardrobe and take the big chicken suit. A few moments later, they are in Sunset Boulevard chasing people. The funniest part would be that people weren?t aware that they were chased by Manson.

Most people who break through and make a ?success?, they are giving slogans of 60 hrs work weeks and stuff like that. But it is not the full picture. It is like they are taking so much a big part of theirs day to just stress out and be prepared for this moment which will be most impactful. Nobody, after all, can escape the limitations of how old is working and most of the times we need to take care of ourselves. To be most effective you need to prepare to be. IT doesn?t just happen, it is not matter of your skills or will. It is matter how to optimize how we work, how to optimize our diet, time schedule, physical world. But to came up with new ideas, you need space to do it. We cannot force, body to do it. We just need to take care of for it and give it space where new ideas can emerge.

We cannot forget from where we are coming from, and what is the goal, bigger goal. And to invent a good idea, you don?t need a lot. Sometimes one good idea can beat everything. Sometimes you just need to listen. There is a very fine line between what we expect as our job ? our thing to do, and there is a reality. Sometimes we need to take care of these little things, which will speed things up. When you will be caught in the middle, there is still a chance to do your job but inefficiently. You need to pay attention because good things come from the good source. Sometimes it is easier to drop bad material than keep investing in it ? sank cost.

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