When is worth to pay full price

Not long time ago when capitalism wasn?t the only possibility. Prices of the products were less diversified. Even if you go back 100 years, the world looked completely different way. Everything was local sourced and was with high homemade quality. It was quite rare  you could get something that was terrible or superior.

Now the situation is completely different. The market for every product fills till the last possibility. We are looking to fill the gaps as much as possible, finding as many customers as possible.

But this requires for us costumers, we need to ask ourselves what we actually need.

Marie Kondo In book “Spark a Joy” is showing a clear point that whatever you are trying to clean house or car. The question is not if something  goes or stay. Everything goes, what stays.

Capitalism is the complicated system, it is not something that many people can deal. Rather most of us don?t know how to act with so much choice.

We panic when we see the sale and we mistake freedom with what are our needs.

When we feel in danger or under urgent need we almost  panic  and we want a solution. You have run out of paint, you run to shop. You have run out of sugar, you run to shop and loose 45 min to get one product.

But the end point and we forget what is the reality and that we want to solve the problem caused by another problem. Our needs give urgency to every means that we need. We don?t get an idea that maybe it will be ok not to do something and just wait?

One of the strategies how to make a decision about buying, which was mind bending was to stop any buying decision for 2 weeks. Anything. It was quite a relief to find out that, you can actually survive 2 weeks without buying anything (groceries were preplanned). You cannot just optimize what you are doing but to do it easier just stop everything and start with a new slap.

It was proven many times that it is much easier to start something or stop doing rather than do less/ more of it. It is hard to see the measurement of your actions. We don?t work that way.

A different strategy is to whatever decide if this is something that we need for long term or short term. If long term, then only criterion its quality, not price. If for the short term – price, not a quality (of course within some range) .

For example, I like to spend quite a big amount of money on electronics which I?m using on daily basis. Headphones are my priority. I?m walking usually few ours per day, and it is important to how they are isolating from external noise etc.

But for example, my computer or phone isn?t the newest generation. It is definitely a question of possibility but rather of need. If I’m gonna lose my iPhone, without pain, I can replace it. The same with a laptop. This which I have is completely enough even that is few years old.

You need to see the big picture. Having everything at the highest possible level will block your life. You cannot have everything. Our mind is a closed ecosystem. Choosing one thing means saying no to other. Every decision takes same place and space is limited. Do it wisely.

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