Zip it up! Why problems are not far away from your dreams.

One of the most amazing lessons from past years is despite our will, control or vision, we need to do something. Execution of you dreams is directly connected to how you are executing tasks professionally. Are successful at work you are? More successful you will be with executing your dreams.

We like to think that your dreams are separate from your work or even better, they have different energy, and they are executed differently.


In book Andrew Solomon, brings to mind the countries which were pressed through many years, and after breaking free, they cannot establish democratic rules. The explanation is that there is the difference between breaking free and feeling free. One is executed, the second one needs to be learned.

It is like something going broke. If something will break down you need to repair in a specific way. Not just randomly, but rather applying specific strategy, which will help you get ahead. When something is working, it is working, you don?t need to do anything to use it.

Most people who win the lottery will quickly loose it. Citizens which will gain the freedom of speech will be still leaving in a censored reality.

At many degrees, we underestimate what needs to be done to make something happen. We cannot choose not to care in one area and after transformation change will. You simply cannot choose where you care, and the not. If you are saying somewhere I don?t care, it will spread. It is like a virus.

And now we can come back to the main topic f this conversation, how to zip it up. The easiest way is to stop controlling it, and instead, do something much more powerful. Let it go.

When shit happens next time, instead of trying controlling it, or getting to limit damage first death deeply. Take a moment to acknowledge what just happen and tackle it. At this point, the 3-second strategy is really useful (or this one from army sniper). And then start to make something much more powerful, wider, start a new trend which will crush situation which you are deal with.

The worst thing that you can do is let the problem to take over you. If the problem = you it is over, and you will not recover from it. You need to take charge and put things in perspective. So next time if shit will happen zip it up and carry on.

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